At Del Rey Gourmet, we have literally thousands of products that can be put into bags.
These products listed here are just a few of our most popular products.
If you require something else or something special, feel free to give us a call for more gourmet filling options.

Tahiti Mix, Sonoma Mix, Salsa Ranchero Pretzels, San Francisco Mix, Salsa Ranchero Mix,
Regency Mix, Smokehouse Almonds, Guadalajara Mix, Cool Ranch Pretzels, Dorchester Mix, Deluxe Mix, Cranberry Mix, Cantina Mix, Habanero Pistachios, Chili Lime Peanuts, Ranch Toasted Corn, BBQ Toasted Corn, Sesame Teriyaki Almonds & Cashews, and Thai Curry Cashews.

We offer over 1000 gourmet candy, nuts options to choose from.
Please Call for Pricing on Custom Snack Mixes Options or Bulk Options Available.