Who we are…

In 1941, Del Rey started as the Illifili Nut & Candy store in Beverly Hills, California. It was relocated 25 years ago to Marina Del Rey, California and was fittingly renamed Del Rey Gourmet. Since then, we have expanded into the Promotional Products Industry and for over 15 years we have been serving our loyal distributors with exceptional service, quality and product variety.

We pride ourselves in asking the tough questions – “How safe is too safe?” In today’s marketplace, asking the right questions concerning product safety is essential and should never be taken for granted. At Del Rey, we have always understood the importance of product safety and that is why we have set the standard for over 20 years.

How is this done? By building and maintaining a packaging and roasting facility that is second to none. Our advanced facility is certified by the following agencies:

  • Federal Food and Drug Administration
  • State of California Department of Health
  • Los Angeles County Department of Health

So, as you begin to sell gourmet food items, be confident that the products you are selling are not only safe but mouth-watering as well!

Del Rey is also a leader in innovative packaging and we offer an extensive assortment of filling options to accentuate your product selection. Why? Because we know that most clients demand variety and to answer that call we offer pure originality.

It is very easy to do business with Del Rey….first, begin by choosing from one of a hundred plus packaging options and then fill it with over a thousand delicious varieties of gourmet nuts, chocolates or hard candies. Like our friend Mr. Wonka once said, “we are the music-makers and the dreamers of the dream.”

Secondly, use our highly skilled art department to create unimaginable art renderings that will explode off the surface of the product. We enjoy delving into the world of “shock and awe” to capture the minds of our clients because this in turn allows our passion to become your strength.

Thirdly, choose from a variety of imprinting processes: laser engraving, direct imprint or full color process imprinting. Whatever you need, we have got the means.

Lastly, feel confident that your business is protected from start to finish. Always fresh…always delicious….never compromised!

The bottom line is this – Del Rey is a custom design/build company offering hundreds of unique products with thousands of available filling options. We design and sell everything from gumball machines to full color customized tins…We enable you to start with a concept and end with reality. It’s all about successful results!

So good luck, have fun and we wish you great success in all of your promotional endeavors.


Howard Pollack

Del Rey Gourmet